What is the significance of a funeral service?
From the beginning of recorded history, societies have honored those who died with a traditional ceremony. According to beliefs at that time, the purpose of the ritual was to send the deceased on his or her journey into the afterlife.
Today, however, many experts agree that the benefits of a service are for those who are left behind after a death. A "closure" of sorts must occur to help survivors adjust to their loss and recognize that a death has occurred. A funeral service provides the opportunity for friends and family to celebrate the life that was lived and allow the healing process to begin.

How much does a funeral cost?
Funeral costs vary depending on the funeral home and type of service selected. There are two types of costs associated with a funeral: (1) services provided by the funeral home and (2) merchandise such as a casket or urn.

Is everything included in the price given to me by the funeral home?
All charges involving the funeral home's services and merchandise are available from our professional staff. We will provide a general price list with all charges.

Can I pre-arrange my funeral?
Yes. Today, pre-arrangement and prepayment of funerals are becoming more common. Prearranging will provide you with more time to review your options and give you a choice in your own funeral service. Pre-arrangement will provide you with the peace of mind that everything has been taken care of, relieving your family of the emotional and financial burden that often comes with making arrangements when a loved one passes away. Oftentimes, making arrangements in advance also guarantees a service and funeral at today's prices, free from inflation. At Your Funeral Home, we will assist you with your pre-arrangements.

How many types of caskets exist, and why are some more expensive than others?
Caskets are made of either metal (bronze, copper or steel) or wood. Prices vary, depending on the exterior and interior materials used. Bronze, a semiprecious metal, is more expensive than steel. Mahogany, a rare hardwood, is more expensive than the readily available softwood pine.

What is embalming and is it necessary before services are held?
Embalming is the temporary preservation of a deceased's remains. Massachusetts Law requires embalming if a public viewing is planned.

Can a funeral home assist me with Social Security benefits and Veteran death benefits?
Yes. In fact, Your Funeral Home will do more than just assist you with securing these benefits. Our staff is trained to complete all necessary paperwork to begin the benefits process and to follow through to ensure that the benefits are secured in a timely manner.

What is involved in the cremation process?
Before cremation occurs, the death certificate must be completed and signed by the attending physician or medical examiner, and all civil and medical authorities must have issued all required permits. In addition, necessary authorizations to cremate must be obtained from the next of kin or authorizing person and no objections to the cremation can be raised. The cremation then takes place and the cremated remains are placed in the designated container or urn selected for final disposition.

Are special cremation containers and caskets available?
Our Funeral Home offers a wide variety of cremation containers and caskets to meet each family's needs.

Are the services held before or after cremation?
Services are held at the discretion of the family. Many choose to have a traditional service first, followed by the cremation.

What happens to the cremated remains?
There are many options to consider with a cremation. A family can choose to bury the remains in a cemetery, store and display them at home in an urn or scatter them in a place special to the deceased. It is advisable to check local restrictions on scattering remains on public property and obtain permission for private property.

I have already made arrangements and funded my funeral with another Funeral Home. Can I transfer my arrangements to the John Everett & Sons Funeral Home?
Yes, These arrangements can be reestablished with John Everett & Sons and nearly all-funding vehicles are transferable by the owner.

What Security measures should I take during services?
We have been advised that some families have experienced burglaries of their homes during the hours they are at the funeral home or church service.

We would like to suggest certain precautions that your family should take during visitation and funeral services.

  • Alert neighbors to your calling hours.
  • Get a house sitter.
  • Leave lights and a TV or radio on.
  • Do not leave valuables at home.
  • Be advised that professional security is available from
    security companies.
  • Notify local police of the hours your home will be vacant.

How do I acquire Death Certificates?
Certified copies of the death certificate are used for claims against life insurance policies, some auto loans, insured credit cards, mortgage insurance, transfer of bank accounts, stocks, bonds, and titles (autos, etc.).

Additional copies may be ordered upon request. However, it is advisable to order one or two more copies than you think you may need. The initial order for copies is usually available in a week to 10 days.

Burial Consents
In some cases, a deceased person may be buried in a grave owned by his or her spouse’s family. In that case, the surviving spouse must obtain written permission from the lot owner before the funeral service. A simple form for this purpose is available from our office and at the cemeteries.

If the surviving spouse is to be buried in the future at the same site, we suggest that written permission be obtained for both graves from the lot owner at the same time. This can prevent a costly problem in the future of having to disinter and move the remains of the deceased to new graves at another site.

How do I Prearranged Funeral Services?
Throughout the years, there has been a growing tendency on the part of many people to express their wishes and preferences by making funeral arrangements in advance. This is perfectly natural and a sensible thing to do. It is also a source of great comfort and assistance to those who survive because they know that they have been able to carry out the wishes of the deceased.

For those who wish to plan in advance, we maintain a prearrangement and advisory service so that all arrangements may be made prior to need. Through the use of this service, it is possible to plan every detail of a funeral in advance and also to determine the cost. All inquiries are without obligation and are held in the strictest confidence.

By placing these prepaid funds in a trust fund, John Everett & Sons can guarantee that the quoted funeral cost will not change as years go by. This can be an enormous economic advantage to all.

How do I Select a Cemetery Plot?
Many people overlook or postpone the purchase of a family cemetery plot until the immediate need arises. A hasty decision in this important matter should be avoided. Purchase of a family lot is a permanent investment, and your choice should be made with the utmost care. While we do not endorse any specific cemetery, we are in a position to advise you. Decisions such as location, permanent residence, arrangements for perpetual care, and the type of memorial that is approved for each particular cemetery could affect your plans. We will be pleased to consult with you at any time without obligation.

Do you provide Services for All Faiths?
From the beginning, we have provided funeral services for all religions and denominations. Our staff consists of individuals of major religious faiths, thoroughly experienced in the rituals of all religions. Ours is a truly universal service dedicated in every way to the preferences and beliefs of the families we serve.

Each Everett service is planned to meet individual needs and wishes. We are familiar with nontraditional and traditional services. We have considerable experience in satisfying special needs that are often complex and sensitive. Whatever your wishes, you’ll find we are exceptionally well versed and well equipped to respond and adapt efficiently and sympathetically.

If I have Further Questions?
In as brief a Web site as this, it is impossible to answer all the questions that you may have about funeral services.

We hope that this Web site will be helpful, and we encourage you to call us with any other questions that arise now or in the future.

What are your Billing Procedures?
An itemized memorandum is given to you upon completion of funeral arrangements. An adjusted statement will be mailed to you indicating any additional charges or reductions that may apply to your account. Adjustments will be computed for actual newspaper costs, cemetery fees, and overtime and vehicle charges. For your convenience, we try to forward this to you within 10 days after the funeral service.

From years of experience, we have found that 60 days is usually required by most families to complete necessary legal and business procedures. As we explain at the time of the arrangements-planning interview, no finance charge is added before the due date.

In unusual circumstances, financial affairs may still be unsettled within this 60-day period. If this occurs in your case, we require that you place a phone call to our office in advance of the due date.

What if I have an Attorney?
If you are having an attorney handle matters, please make sure our office is notified, so that we may keep in contact with him/her. We will need the name and address of your attorney.

Please advise your attorney that you personally signed a contract with us as an individual, not as an executor. Therefore, any finance charges will be your personal responsibility. Your attorney’s efficiency in settling the estate for you can eliminate any need for you to pay finance charges.

Who takes care of the newspaper notices?
Paid death notices are classified items inserted in the newspapers by our office. We cannot be responsible for the occasional error that a newspaper may print in a death notice. However, if you discover an error, please call us immediately. In most cases, we can correct the notice before it runs again.

Costs of death notices vary by edition and number of published lines, so until the notice is actually printed, we can only approximate the cost to you. An approximate figure is included in your contract memorandum and an adjustment, if necessary, will appear on your first statement.

Obituaries are news items composed by the newspaper and appear at no cost. Our office will assist you in gathering information such as career accomplishments and club and organization memberships. We cannot, however, be responsible for the printed content.

Should I send Thank You Cards?
Acknowledgement cards are available at our funeral home for your convenience. It is appropriate to send them within a week to 10 days after the service in thanks for flowers, Masses, spiritual bouquets, donations, or other acts of kindness.


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