The following benefits are available to an honorably discharged U.S. Veteran:

  1. PictureA burial allowance of up to $300 will be paid to the funeral home if the veteran was receiving V.A. compensation, pension or was properly hospitalized by the Veteran's Administration.
  2. A cemetery space in a federally operated cemetery.
  3. A $150 burial plot allowance is payable if the deceased veteran was discharged for a disability incurred or aggravated in the line of duty, in receipt of compensation or pension at the time of death, was properly hospitalized by the V.A. or was buried in a state cemetery if the plot has not been paid for. If the plot has been paid for, the allowance will be paid to the funeral home.
  4. A flag for the funeral services.
  5. A government grave marker where there is no family marker.
  6. Transportation costs, if the veteran died in a V.A. facility.
  7. A burial allowance of up to $1500.00 when death was due to a service connected disability.
  8. Under some circumstances there are survivors' benefits for spouses and minor children.

Social Security
Upon the death of an insured worker (those who have paid into Social Security for 6 Quarters), a lump sum benefit of $255 will be paid to a surviving spouse living in the same household. If there is no spouse who qualifies, the lump sum benefit may be paid to qualifying dependent children.

We send a statement of death to the local Social Security office as soon as we have the deceased's Social Security number. Most applications can be completed over the phone or through the mail so we strongly recommend the next-of-kin or their agent call the Social Security office within two weeks of the date of death. Application must be made within two years of the date of the death of the insured worker. When all of the records have been assembled by Social Security they will be able to appraise you of what other benefits are available.


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